VX-CASH WordPress Theme Update

Our technological department has once again worked very hard and has today provided update V1.8.0 for Theme Variant 1 and V1.3.0 for Theme Variant 2. The relevant plugin also receives an update, to version 2.1.0.

It is important to update both, theme and plugin. These two components are closely interrelated, and otherwise, the smooth functioning of the WordPress installation cannot be guaranteed.

In our last update, we have replaced PornMe by VISIT-X Videostation. Now, our main focus was minimizing the storage intensity of the VX-CASH WordPress installation. Therefore, the images are now no longer saved locally within each individual installation, but provided centrally via a CDN on VISIT-X. As a result, the theme can now be installed on less powerful V-servers or websites of affordable web hosting providers, without causing any problems.

This and the previous update include the following new features:

  • Replacing of PornMe by contents of the VISIT-X Videostation
  • Images are now provided centrally by a VISIT-X CDN
  • Daily check for inactive performers
  • Lots of small bugfixes

Please note: for import and display of the VISIT-X data you now need a GraphQL API Key. You will receive this key from your contact at VX-CASH. This applies even if you have already entered a VISIT-X Key. The Graph-QL interface needs to be activated first.

It may also be that, after the update, you first need to update the permalinks. To do this, under Einstellungen/Settings, click “Permalinks” and then “Änderungen speichern/Save Changes”, without changing anything in your settings. WordPress then automatically generates a new .htaccess.