Important updates for VX-CASH WordPress themes and plugins

VISIT-X and BeiAnrufSex are constantly evolving, offering more performers, more videos and more features than ever before. “Under the bonnet” there are constantly new developments as well to optimize the conversion and to increase the performance of the products.

Please download the updates for the VX-CASH themes, the VX-CASH WordPress plugin and the VX-CASH BeiAnrufSex plugin in a timely manner, so that you can benefit from all the new features as soon as possible.

Theme or pluginCurrent Version
VX-CASH BeiAnrufSex-Plugin1.0.8
VX-CASH WordPress-Plugin2.2.0
VX-CASH Theme 11.9.0
VX-CASH Theme 21.4.0

All current versions of the themes and plugins can also be downloaded here:

For all webmasters who do not yet use any of our WordPress products, it is high time to switch. The themes are free and include the cams and videos of VISIT‑ and BeiAnrufSex. You can obtain the API keys you will need from your contact at VX-CASH.

Please note: The latest updates are not optional – you need to install them. This is because of the change in the linking/integration of the product BeiAnrufSex. Please make sure to update by 30.6.2020. Thank you.