SEO Optimization for Kits

VISIT-X Kits create duplicate content – and that’s something Google absolutely doesn’t like.

But as a webmaster you can prevent this from happening. Simply use the features of the additional SEO content. You will find them at “Campaign / Manage Campaign / SEO”.

To avoid duplicates, and so punishment by Google (see, we ask Google, using the kit’s “noindex” meta tag, to automatically clean up all pages without sufficient SEO content. But of course your users can still see everything the kit creates.

The Google Webmaster Policy requires to clearly mark advertising links with the “rel = nofollow” tag (, for example:

<a href="http://www.[...].net/?w=XXXXX&ws=XXXXXXX" rel="nofollow">VISIT-X</a>

So we ask you to review your links and add the tag if necessary. This is mostly for your own protection against possible punitive action by Google.

Your own WordPress blog as a boost to your SEO activities

In a new tutorial in our blog we explain how to create a WordPress blog on a subdomain for your own Google-related content.