Dynamic Video Landing Pages with the Ultimate Sign-up / Payment Flow

Two new self-optimizing video landing pages are available for our product PornMe:

For these pages, an algorithm dynamically determines which videos get the most clicks. These videos are then listed on top of the page. New videos are uploaded all the time, and the older videos have to compete with the newcomers.

The algorithm evaluates the click rate depending on the position of the videos on the page. This leads to a realistic comparison of the amount of clicks a video can secure. That way the users are guaranteed to always find the videos with the most clicks on top.

To complement this we have completely revised the sign-up dialogue and created a special sign-up / payment flow, using the video the user has chosen in several places to animate the user even more.

Furthermore, the chosen videos tell you a lot about the user’s preferences – which means the content of the product can be personalized accordingly. That way, these landing pages use a many-facetted approach to create a consistent flow. Which means the highest possible conversions for you!

Try it out – now! You’ll find the new landing pages at “Werbemittel (Promotional material) / PornMe / Landingpages”.