Earning more money with cross marketing

From now on, you can earn even more money with the traffic you send to our landing pages. Self-optimizing smart links promote our own and our partners’ products and ensure the monetization of visitors who are not interested in the actually advertised product.

The smart links use so-called “fallbacks” (e.g. Antibounce & Closebutton). The original business remains unaffected – but additionally you have the chance to win other users who already backed out.

Using sophisticated algorithms, this fallback traffic is distributed smartly across the various products, so your traffic can generate the highest revenue.

You don’t have to do anything – just keep sending your traffic to our landing pages as before. You can find the landing pages as ready-to-use code snippets, which you just need to integrate – including the JavaScript required to trigger the popunder. Just navigate to “Werbemittel” (Promotional Material) for the relevant product and select “Landingpages”.