VX-CASH Transparency 2.0

We take the requests of our webmasters seriously! VX-CASH has made changes to the statistics. Now you can track the results in real time. Because of the further improved transparency there can’t be any more misinterpretations.

In your statistics you will now find the following values in your table “Analysis of visitors and traffic“:

  • Signup
    Here, each signup will be displayed, and your test registrations as well, of course. This column is NEW!
  • Lead
    In this column you can see the compensated leads matching the criteria of the respective merchants (e.g. confirmed e-mail, unique IP, country ok, etc.)
  • Sale
    If a customer has paid this is now shown as a sale at the time of the first transaction – in real time. This means that customers who have registered during the previous months can now steadily improve your lead : sale ratio as well!

So get going – send us lots of traffic!