Nothing going, except for us –the big VX-CASH Summer Special

Summer doldrums? Not with us! This is the big VX-CASH Summer Special newsletter with the following topics:

VX-CASH Special 1: Responsive JavaScript Signup-Box

Umfrage mit Signup

Many webmasters do not want to send the customer directly to a landing page or product page, but keep them on their page. For that matter, this promotional tool offers everything you could possibly wish for. The survey box can be integrated in the page directly, as content.

The box sends the user to an interactive survey, and at the end they can register for the product. To meet all requirements, this promotional tool is individually configurable. You can freely define background color, font color, button color and length of the survey.

Start using this innovative promotional tool by VX-CASH on your websites now! The “survey with signup” promotional tool is available for Lustagenten and VISIT-X.

VX-CASH Special 2: New VISIT-X voucher banners


We have revised our voucher banners and created the matching look for the new, spectacular VISIT-X. Of course we have also taken care to create banners that make for loads of clicks, with strong conversion rates. A real eye-catcher for every single one of your websites!

You have questions about the Summer Special and all other issues? Please contact us, as always, at: or call us: 49 (0) 61 82-89 55-204.

We look forward to hearing from you!