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VX-CASH Domain Administration

VX-CASH Domain Administration

Top news for all webmasters with their own domains! Starting today, you can now use a domain administration for the simplified management of your domains and the associated kits in VX-CASH. Here you’ll get an overview of all your domains created in VX-CASH and can see, at one glance, which product and in which campaign your domain is used. Additionally, the current SSL status of your domain is displayed, and you can delete unused domains directly.

What has changed?

Before, you created the domain for a campaign in the kit configuration of VISIT-X, Lustagenten or BeiAnrufSex. Now, this happens in the new navigation item “Create new domain”, which you can find under “Campaign -> Domain administration”.

After you have created one or more new domains, you can see them as “free” domains in your domain administration and can select them via a drop-down menu in your kit campaign.

Because browsers such as Google Chrome alert visitors when a website is not SSL certified, we automatically create an SSL certificate for every new domain – free of charge! That way we also prevent disadvantages in the Google ranking because of missing SSL certificates.

How can I delete a domain?

A domain can only be deleted if it is not assigned to a campaign. This also applies to domains of already archived campaigns. If these are to be deleted, you must first activate the campaign, then delete the domain in this campaign, and after that archive the campaign again. In the case of active campaigns, you can of course skip the step with activating the campaign.

In order to delete the domain, you must deselect it in the kit configuration and select the empty drop-down box. Then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

You can then select the domain in the domain administration through the icon of the waste bin or assign it to a new kit campaign.

Your advantage!

VX-CASH has, over the years, become bigger and bigger and more powerful. We started out as an affiliate program for VX-CASH, but in the meantime have added quite a few other providers. Now we have created an overview page for your domains with VX-CASH. From now on, you can see exactly where and for what these domains are used. We hope this will make your work with our partner program even easier.

For suggestions in these or other areas you can reach us, as always, via e-mail at support@vxcash.net. Or call us: +49 (0) 61 82 – 89 55 – 204.

Post was published on 21. August 2019.

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