VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi – join now!

ll of 16 days, VISIT-X enhances its efforts to attract new customers, presenting surprise gifts to its users every single day. What kind of surprise gift depends on the number of attempts. The VISIT-X Wiesn fun offers customers even more reasons to register, because there will be:

  • on top bonus credits for live chats
  • free video clip for an instant download
  • the exclusive Late Night Show
  • VIP doors
  • a messenger gift

BTW, during the promotion period lasting from 09/22/2018 until 10/07/2018, there will be very popular motto shows as well (including with performer Adriana-del-Rossi).

VISIT-X Wiesn Gaudi advertising material

But of course marketing is half the work of attracting new customers, so VISIT-X provides you with some terrific and exclusive promotional material:

The Landingpage

The Banner-Set

The Profits