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VISIT-X + Lustagenten Content API

Today we would like to introduce a new feature for VISIT-X and Lustagenten. The Content API for VISIT-X and Lustagenten. With the content API you can design websites and advertising materials in your own look and feel.

The API is designed for experienced webmasters who already have some experience in programming or cooperate with an agency dedicated to this topic.

For access to the API, please write a short e-mail to support@vxcash.net. Maybe you can explain, in a few sentences, what exactly you plan to do with the API. Afterwards you will receive a guide for the API, in the .PDF format.

We look forward to the creative results our webmasters will generate! 🙂

Post was published on 17. September 2014.

VXCash Support

If you have any further questions on this topic, simply contact VXSupport:
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