The VISIT-X Slot Machine starts again!

Hit the mega jackpot at VISIT-X! Join now – for a limited time only!

Our successful webcam community VISIT-X is launching its slot machine again: From 22 March to 31 March 2021, every user has three free attempts every day and can win great prizes. There are top amateur videos to be won, a mega bonus and other great prizes.

This guarantees loads of registrations – after all, everyone wants to join in!

You can find the landing page here:

VISIT-X slot machine promotional material

But of course marketing is half the work of attracting new customers, so VISIT-X provides you with some terrific and exclusive promotional material:

The slot machine landing page:

Click here for the landing page

The slot machine banner set:

Download here and embed in your page

So don’t miss the application and good luck with the VISIT-X Slot Machine