The VISIT-X Mystery Box

After HotLive and the Slot Machine, VISIT-X is already offering its webmasters the next promotion to target customers, this time especially for Livecams: The VISIT-X Mystery Box!

With the VISIT-X Mystery Box, the user has the chance to rake in big prizes every day. To do this, he simply needs to visit the Cams Online Page and find the “Mystery Box”. The Mystery Box has an automatic 24-hour countdown that displays how long the relevant prize will still be available. This provides a special incentive for the visitor to participate – and return the next day for new prizes.

The direct link for the promotion of the VISIT-X Mystery Box:

VISIT-X Mystery Box promotional material

But of course marketing is half the work of attracting new customers, so VISIT-X provides you with some terrific and exclusive promotional material:

The Mystery Box on VISIT-X Cams Page:

Click here for the VISIT-X Mystery Box

The Mystery Box banner set:

Download here and embed in your page

So don’t miss the application and good luck with the VISIT-X Mystery Box