Self-optimizing Advertising System for VX-CASH

In January 2015 VX-CASH has completely revamped the advertising materials. Of particular interest are our new ‘self-optimizing ads‘.

Now what are ‘self-optimizing ads’?

Our ‘self-optimizing ads‘, are, from a purely technical perspective, nothing more than simple iFrames. These iFrames display our latest banners and, more importantly, those banners which offer the best conversion. The optimization is performed automatically based on clicks, signups and other factors, calculated by a rather complicated, specially programmed algorithm.

Before we add new banners, they will be extensively tested in an internal test by our media team to make sure that the banner achieves optimal CTR and conversion. The landing pages behind the banners will be chosen accordingly as well.

So you do not have to carefully consider which landing page to choose. We will do that for you.

The advantage is obvious: Instead of placing only one banner on your website (and testing it), you simply include the iFrame, and we will take care of the optimization for you. As a webmaster all you have to do now is increase your traffic, because the more visitors, the better the conversion, of course.

Please replace XXXXX with your own webmaster ID and campaign ID:

You can choose the ‘self-optimizing ads‘ for VISIT-X, Lustagenten, Pornme and Lula Online. The ads are available in the sizes 300 x 250, 315 x 300, 468 x 60, 160 x 600, 728 x 90, 945 x 100, 120 x 600 and 250 x 250.

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