Relaunch of the VX-CASH Promotional Section

We have prepared something special for you to have a greater start in this year. We established some terrific new features you will love. We completely relaunched the promotional section. This simply means for you that we provide you a full new, super trendy banner set for our top platforms VISIT-X, Lustagenten and LulaOnline.

To top this, we also designed a complete new feature – the self-optimizing advertising. This feature will select the best banners for your desired spots completely automatically. You will only have to choose the size of the banner and add the code snippet and in the end only earn some more money. All the rest is covered by our ad server in the background that will constantly optimize everything for you in regard to the best conversion rate of course.

You do not have to worry about anything since everything is tested by our teams up front. As soon as a banner turns out to be a top performer, it is added to the circle. Consequently, you will not give away any valuable traffic and your website will always glance with perfectly optimized banners.

Well, what are you waiting for now? Sign in now and benefit from these amazing new features!

Have a blast!