New VISIT-X Landing Page

Some of you may have discovered this already: VX-CASH can now offer you a new landing page. As you may know, you cannot use all VISIT-X performers on the landing page for the chat simulator. This is because we have to especially produce the videos for our chat simulator landing page (and for the “Femininvibration” landing page as well). (This is an overview of the chat simulators currently available)

With our new landing page “Number 5”, though, which has been available already in a similar form, you can now promote ANY performer. You simply use the URL parameters s= and insert the performer ID. This works best, of course, when the performer has already uploaded a preview video.

This is an ideal landing page to link to the performers directly from, for example, a blog article. And it’s a viable alternative to the direct links, which we introduced here.

Below are the links to the corresponding landing pages (Please replace XXXXX with your own webmaster ID and campaign ID):