IMMEDIATELY MORE money on all VISIT-X sales starting March 1

VX-CASH has fulfilled your greatest wish from the last survey we carried out and has perfected the lifetime commission for VISIT-X, cam kit and content frame campaigns.

As of March 1, we will pay the FULL commission IMMEDIATELY each time a customer tops up their credits – instead of only paying when he spends the money for chats and videos.

Which means that now you will not only be paid FASTER, but you will also be paid MORE. So in future you don’t have to worry about the credits a customers does not use.

But that’s not all. And VX-CASH would not be VX-CASH, if we would not go one better!

You can enjoy this tasty extra not only for new customers – but for the customers you already referred as well, all at once!

And don’t forget – this commission will continue to be paid for the whole lifetime.