Information on data collection and transmission in the context of use of advertising media*

As webmaster, you have integrated on this website components of the partner programme VX-CASH, which offers affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based distribution form enabling commercial operators of Internet sites, called merchants or advertisers, to insert ads, which in most cases are remunerated by means of click or sales commissions, on the Internet sites of third parties, i.e. with distribution partners, also referred to as affiliates or publishers. Via the affiliate network, the merchant makes available an advertising medium, i.e. an advertising banner or other suitable Internet advertising medium, which is subsequently embedded by an affiliate on its own Internet sites or promoted through other channels, such as keyword advertising or e-mail marketing.

Through the partner programme and the use of an advertising medium, cookies are set on the terminal device that visit the website on which the advertising medium is located. These cookies among other things enable the user to be attributed to the webmaster and to the product advertised.

The data are transmitted to the operator of the partner programme, and to the merchant who has provided the affiliate with the advertising medium, for record-keeping purposes and for the merchant’s fee invoicing performed through the partner programme. The data are then deleted on expiry of the period defined in each case once the purpose of data processing has been fulfilled.

The user may prevent the setting of cookies at any time by a corresponding setting of the Internet browser used. Moreover, cookies already set may be deleted at any time by changing the settings of the Internet browser or through other software programs. However, it is possible that the user will then no longer be able to make full use of all functions of the website.

The Privacy Policy for the website www.vxcash.net can be accessed here.

* This text is exclusively for your information and not intended for other purposes.