In cooperation with organizes VISIT-X a sweepstake Dinner with Micaela Schäfer

In cooperation with organizes VISIT-X a sweepstake among its end users, and this is what they can win: a real dinner with nude beauty Micaela Schäfer! (Well, of course she won’t appear completely nude for this dinner…) The dinner will be on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2018 in Berlin. And of course, the VISIT-X marketing team will create quite a stir about it in the media in the weeks before! This is your chance to ride this wave, to build SEO relevant content, and to generate traffic for VISIT-X!

The customers participate via free sign-up on the specifically created landing page which can be promoted as of now:

Once the sign-up has taken place at VISIT-X, the user will be forwarded to our partner for the final participation. The winner will be drawn by!

You can download a content package for promoting this action here.