Clash of Cams SexySoccer Edition

>Due to the current situation, SexySoccer will have to be canceled this year… What? No! Not on the VISIT-X watch! The online competition will start on July 09, 2020, live on VISIT-X!

In the second edition of the Clash of Cams, two teams are fighting for victory at the SexySoccer EC. A total of ten models are delivering special-class nude football challenges. Famous figures such as Aurelio Savina (reality TV actor), Daniel Krause (Tattoo Krause, known from Berlin Tag & Nacht) and Evil Jared Hasselhoff (bassist of the band Bloodhound Gang) comment on the extraordinary sports spectacle live from Berlin.

  • Thrilling content & explosive entertainment!
  • A live session every day at 8pm!
  • Live show ticket with LexyRoxx as presenter of the late-night show, live on VISIT-X TV!
  • Daily live voting and new interactive tools for customers for firsthand reactions!

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