Can’t get any better – launch of the VISIT-X Kit 3.0

Many of you already use the VISIT-X kit for promoting your own domain or a private brand. With the introduction of the VISIT-X Kit 3.0, you can now create your kits in a new, modern design.

The increased use of tablets and smartphones have led us to develop the new Kit 3.0 in responsive design so that there is an even better conversion for these customers, not least because of the improved usability and an improved signup and payment process.

Your Benefits:

  • Responsive design – improved usability – improved signup and payment process
  • For Mediabuyer: better conversions for mobile traffic
  • For brands/domains: better and unified representation of the brand/domain on all platforms
  • For social media agencies: unified representation on various social media platforms

The Tech Specs

Webmasters, who have already configured a modular kit will immediately know what to do. All options, configuration options and extensive features have been adopted almost unchanged. They are still adjustable intuitively.

The size of iFrames, which can be embedded with “Eigene Inhalte” (own content), is now flexible in its height.

Existing kits can still be edited, until 31.3.2015, with “Kampagne verwalten” (manage campaign) / “Baukasten” (kit).

This gives you enough time to transfer your domains to the new kits. That’s perfectly simple:

  • edit old kit
  • go to “Eigene Domains” (your own domains)
  • enter the existing domain and choose the option “Nein” (no) for “Ich habe Zugriff auf meinen Nameserver” (I have access to my name server)
  • save configuration

Then enter the domain as usual in the new Kit 3.0. Your cName / name server settings don’t have to be changed.

The sales, of course, are represented in the single transaction for each kit campaign, even after 31.3.2015.

You have questions or need help? Please contact your account manager or

So, have fun designing your own kits!

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