2013: Everything New at VX|cash

We want this to be an exciting year for you. That’s why VX|Cash was equipped with lots of new features at the turn of the year.

VX|cash is your partner for adult entertainment. We have it all: cams, casual dating and adult browser games. That’s why our top-sellers LULAonline and LUSTAGENTEN are now even better integrated. Now LUSTAGENTEN is available in several different versions.

You will now find a new menu item as well: “Werbemittel” (advertising material). This new item allows all webmasters quick and easy access to banners, landing pages, and interactive ads.

But that’s not all. Some extensive changes have been introduced in the course of the year, so that VX|cash may further secure its leading position among the adult affiliate programs and continue guaranteeing you, as a webmaster, top conversions!

So stay tuned!