VX-CASH Postback Tracking

Manage the success of your promotional activities – with the VX-CASH Postback Tracking!

The Postback Tracking is a tool you can use to be automatically informed about certain events for the products you promote. To be able to use the Postback Tracking you simply have to enter a URL, i.e. the address the postback is to be sent to. The configuration of the variables, which will be replaced with the actual values by our system, has been implemented in the frontend and works intuitively.

The available values:

  • User ID = Gets replaced by the unique user ID of the user. This can be digits or strings.
  • Campaign ID = Gets replaced by the campaign you created (parameter ‘ws’). This allows you to use for example a general postback for a product across all campaigns.
  • Revenue = Event Sharing (in cents or euros).
  • Random String & Random Number = Inserts a random text consisting of digits and letters or a random number.

If you want to use the VX-CASH Postback Tracking, please talk to your personal VX-CASH contact. You will find the contact information after logging in at www.vxcash.net on the home page.