The VISIT‑X Slot Machine

Mega Jackpot: Join now – for a limited time only!

The VISIT-X webcam community prepares for the mega action! Starting at the February 08, 2018 and lasting to the February 22, 2018, you can attract more visitors with our virtual slot machine again!

Existing and potential new webcam customers can hit a big win, up to 3 times daily: exclusive 18+ private shop videos and up to 50% bonus on their next top-up.

That way, you can be sure of lots of registrations and potential new customers because everyone want to participate after all.

But of course marketing is half the work of attracting new customers, so VISIT-X provides you with some terrific and exclusive promotional material:

The Landingpage

The Banner-Set

Please note: this promotion can only be promoted until February 8, 2018. Good luck!

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