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SEO for Cams Now Easier Than Ever

SEO for Cams Now Easier Than Ever

Good news for all SEO webmasters: The configuration of the webcam sitebuilder 3.0 has been completely revised. All SEO features are now even easier to access. A new tab look ensures a simple and intuitive configuration.

Naturally, we have also, at the same time, adapted the SEO features. All pages of a kit can be provided with title, description, free text, links, images and your own HTML code. In addition to the home page, you can also customize categories, subpages and even the individual performer’s pages.

The mapping of your own domain is still possible, and the e-mail marketing for the customers acquired via a kit campaign shows the relevant kit domain, of course. It is hardly possible to design an easy-to-use generic kit in a more customizable way!

For those of you who do not yet know how to create their own cam page quickly and easily with the help of our sitebuilder:


  • Register your own domain or create a subdomain with your provider and enter CNAME.
  • Log in to VX-CASH.
  • Register your domain/subdomain under “Campaign/Edit Campaigns”.
  • Create a campaign for the kit under “Products/Overview/VISIT-X/Whitelabel”. (For each domain a separate campaign must be created. The number of kits that can be created, however, is unlimited.)

Now the kit can be configured

  • Settings: In addition to defining a commission model, the previously created domain can also be linked to the current kit (SSL is then available free of charge within 48 hours).
  • Design: Logo, your own header graphic or color adjustments.
  • Content: Selection of categories, definition of the start category (ideal for niche pages), integration of campaign banners etc. Tip: Here, you can also display performer videos. This means: with the cam kit you can create a video page in no time.
  • SEO: In addition to adapting the texts of the navigation links, all pages of the kit can be provided with SEO and they can be optimized here.

Have Fun!

Post was published on 6. August 2021.

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